Tuesday, October 24, 2006

October 24 - Volcano House Still Life

Quite a full day today for us. The ship came into Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii this morning, and we disembarked for our day's plan. Rent a car for all six of us and go up to the Volcanos National Park to see Kilauea. Our second goal was to visit the Volcano House, which is a small hotel built right on the edge of the caldera. Our parents spent their honeymoon night there after being married in Hilo, and the Volcano House hasn't much changed since it was created in 1941. Less than a year old, it was the beginning of a legacy that we are celebrating on this trip.
  On the table near the volcanic stone fireplace sat this vase of lovely living Hawaiian flowers, accented by the red antherium, one of my Mother's favorites. This acrylic is 10 x 8 and painted on the handmade paper that's been affixed to the canvas board. Lots of texture!
  As I type this, our ship is coming up on the area where the lava and magma from the eruption enters the sea. It's dark, and the red glow and steam are quite spectacular! I'll mail this after we pass--might get a picture of it, and if it is any way decent, I'll post it on the page for the journal.

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