Sunday, October 22, 2006

October 22 - Lesson Painting Time!

Lesson Painting, First Pass - It's the night before we leave for the cruise, and I'm remembering that wonderful time on horseback, so for you I've started a 10 x 20 inch canvas of two riders in the rain forest. This is an acrylic, and I'm using the layering technique because I couldn't/didn't pack all the nifty things one can add to acrylics, such as the textured mediums and the crafty items. I do have a sheet of handmade paper with me--better use that in at least one painting before I get back! Here you see it with the canvas colored with the cartoon shapes, before the actual layering of glazes and unifying colors come onto it. I took a picture of it in the only decent light, and it is missing most of the reddish tones. I'll take a better picture of it tomorrow before I finish it. Kinda looks like a Disney cartoon at this point!
 Today was relax and enjoy a drive in Hawaii day. Nothing special about it, but a pleasure to return to the Kualoa Ranch for a few moments to thank the people who were so kind and good to me there. One of the horse-gals has relatives near where we live, and I invited her to visit when she next comes to the Mainland. Horse people (mostly) and Hawai'i residents are so wonderful!

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