Thursday, October 26, 2006

October 26 - My Acrylic Plein Air Setup

I've been asked to share with you my acrylic setup for on=locaiton painting, and so here it is, on the lovely Kona coast of Hawaii. The bag is a backpack with two side pockets. I carry a sturdy photo tripod, and have the Open Box M (mid size) on it. The palette area is a piece of foam core covered with freezer paper, which I cut and store in the bottom of the suitcase until I need to change one. It is folded under and held in place with one piece of postal mailing tape. I have my brushes (hanging on the right side of the palette) in a nylon stuff sack with a draw-string closure. They go in one of the side pockets. The "water containter" is a found plastic cup. I never seem to want for a container, but I do carry a small bottle of water in a plastic soda pup bottle in one of the side pockets.

A closeup of the gear after the painting is done--each acrylic is stored in a separate container of a seven-day pill box, and the two pill boxes are held in place and together with Velcro. To keep the paints moist, I have put a square of adhesive felt inside each lid. I've been working out of these same boxes for over a week now, and the paints are still fine and moist. When I'm not painting, I spritz them a bit with water, close the lids and put the two pill boxes inside a plastic bag. My spray bottle is hooked ont he right side of the palette. Paper towels are held in my left hand when I paint. That's all there is to it! Oh, yeah, good to be in a great place to paint, like Hawaii!

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