Sunday, October 29, 2006

October 29 - Kaua'i Coastal Sunset

"Kaua'i Coast" Our last evening on the voyage was just about as poignant as it is possible to be. The day dawned cloudy and rainy, which continued throughout the day. We sailed from Kaua'i at 2 pm, and went completely around the island. Around 5 pm, we came to the Pali coast of the island, with vertical cliffs rising right from the sea, an area totally inaccessible except by boat. The sun was setting as the six of us came together for our final dinner, and my brother proposed a memorable toast to our parents for creating this moment, and to us for completing their wishes. As the sun slipped away, we had the second of only two spectacular sunsets for our trip. 
 Here is the painting, a 10 x 8 acrylic done from the memory of those cliffs and that sunset. Our bags are packed and the painting rests within the checked luggage, and our arrival tomorrow in Oahu. Available for $200 from the Daily Paintings Web Site for this date.

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