Monday, October 23, 2006

October 23 - Lesson Painting, Second Pass

Day Two of Three on the Lesson Painting for you. Compare the vegetation from this painting to the one from yesterday, and you'll see how much work actually goes into the layering of glazes on a painting like this. Each area requires at least three or four layers to create the very interesting textures and nuances of color created by the glazes. I haven't touched the horses and riders yet, because if I create beauty in the surrounding vegetation, the riders and horses will be the solo singers in a wonderful band. Otherwise they'll be singing all by themselves! Every singer needs backup!
The ship is rocking and rolling as we head out from Honolulu and off to the Big Island. I thought the ship was large, but when we get on this open ocean, it moves and vibrates as the wind and water affect it. Our first stop will be at Hilo, where my parents were married in 1942. I hope to paint the volcano!

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