Friday, June 30, 2006

June 30 -

It is the end of the month, and 178 paintings so far this year... I hope you're enjoying them!  Sometimes I just have to paint things, and other times the painting subject eludes me, and i need to go search for it.  Tonight was a compromise--I had images in my head, and sorting through reference material, came up with an old B/W of a plowing match, on one of those foggy days.  This needs a bit more work, but I'm happy with it so far.  It is a 10 x 20 canvas, so it is also a bit larger than most dailies.  You'll see the "fixed" one replacing this one in a few days.
  I do have a couple of commissions coming up (Kim, yours!!) and want to spend some time on them... but not until after this weekend!  Family's coming over on Sunday, and I have to hunt down the dust bunnies, and even throw a pot and pan around the kitchen.  Cleaning the pool was no problem, because the water is 90, and the air was just a bit above that.  Nice!

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