Thursday, June 29, 2006

June 29 - Milk Maid

Today's painting is another 6 x 8 (I have a couple boxes of them and they just keep popping up on my easel) of a girl I'm either calling "Yellow Dress" or "Before Milking".
  Had a lot of fun painting the figure, trying to get the nuances of the arm shapes and her pose to look relaxed.  Buckets are a passel of fun to paint!  And the source was a black and white old time photo, so I had to brighten up her dress and give her a contemporary hair and "look".  Using the Color System made painting the lights and shadows on the grass near and into the distance a piece of cake.  
  Now I have a cat sitting here next to the keyboard wondering if I am going to feed her.  That's the Pesto kitty, so named for her consistent need for attention.  Perhaps she will be tomorrow's subject?

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