Wednesday, June 28, 2006

June 28 - That Still Life Again, in Oils

Remember that I did the acrylic version of this still life for the Del Mar Fair a couple months ago? They took it and presented it on a wall with other artists who had approached this same subject using distinct media, including oils, watercolor, pastel, and drawing. The idea was to educate and entertain. I saw the final framed works, and it makes an impressive presentation! The Del Mar Fair runs through next Tuesday, and I won't be able to get down there again. I ran across the reference photo while "de-piling" the studio, and thought you'd enjoy seeing my take on it in oils, at least half as much as I enjoyed painting this little 8 x 6 canvas. Real quick, real small, but still enjoyable in the terseness of it all!
So although the larger 16 x 20 is gone for education, now I have a smaller version replete with all that color. However, at $175 it might be gone, too.

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