Tuesday, June 27, 2006

June 27 - Smoke Trees from the Desert

"Smoke Trees" This is a 16 x 20 canvas for today's painting, and I had fully intended to do this one in stages, to show the different points of development--sort of an online lesson.  But....  I went into the studio to start this one, and it just got ahold of me and wouldn't let go!  I just fought and released myself long enough to escape to the computer to send this to you.  It is 90-100% finished now, and I'm quite pleased with it.  Now I'm not going back in there, because I just might paint all night!  If I do tweak it some more, I'll post an update on June's archive at the dailypaintings.com site.  
  For those of you not familiar with the low deserts of California, in the dry washes you can find smoke trees, so named because from a distance their spiny, leafless branches give the impression of smoke. In the summer months they have purple blooms.  Hardy to a fault, they grow to about 20 feet.

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