Saturday, April 02, 2011

Apr 2 - Two Horses Continues, with the source material

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Source Material for these paintings
Here's the source material for the paintings I'm doing. I doctored up the original--the foal was in a poorly designed position, so I Photoshopped her closer to her mom. And I moved mom to the right. Always leave MORE room in front of a horse than behind. Gives 'em some place to GO.

April 2 - Two Horses in Acrylics, Second Stages
Second Pass, Two Paintings, Different Background.  Here's where I cover the canvas, keeping in mind the design of the painting, but absolutely without any concern for any edges. I'm "massing in" the large areas of color, choosing those colors based upon the time of day (late morning) and also whether the area is nearby, or over 300 feet away. I change from warm to cool when I get into the distance.
The source material is nice, but nothing remarkable. Take a look to the left.
Workshop information is HERE.
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