Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mar 29 - La Vieja, the old Pug Painting

Horse Paintings Coming Up
I'm more than happy to take requests for subjects for paintings--it allows me to focus and perhaps to paint something I've not done before.
Other News
I've been spending available days working on two things outside of art--the big garden and the sheep pasture. That one is inside the other is not lost on me--weed control and planting! Here's an image of the fenced garden with mulch in place and the sheep doign weed patrol inside the perimeter fence. The mountain behind is wehre I hike. It's lovely green this time of year, and not much green in the garden yet, although I've planted about half of it.
March 29 - A Different Old One
Another one for the Canine Art Guild Online Show.  Called "La Vieja", this 14 year old pug belonged to the fellow who stayed in the guest house while he completed his masters. I now have her as the "third wheel" in the pack here, and decided that with her long life and gentle nature, she deserved a portrait. It came quickly, after I set her up on the cat perch (padded in the afternoon sunshine), and took her picture while she looked out the window.
I love old dogs. I should have more of them, because they are so grateful for what they have. She was sad for a day or two after I adopted her back, but quickly figured out her place and has been snoring mightily in happy dog dreams ever since.
This 7 x 5 oil is available for $100 from me.
Workshop information is HERE.
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