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Mar 27 - Doberman Painting for Canine Art Guild Online Show

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The AAEA workshop is creating a lot of interest! You can go here for the flyer (pdf file, Adobe Reader required).


March 27 - Quick One for Canine Art League Online Show
During a part of the workshop when folks were working on their time-of-day paintings....  I started and finished this 12 x 9 oil of a Doberman Pinscher. This is actually a portrait of my long-gone soulmate Evoe. She was an elegant dobie, with lines of Shinya and Marienberg going right to Sun Hawk on top and bottom. Doing this backlit oil with the purples and blues complementing the oranges of her mask wa a joy. Do you see the Color System working? You veterans of the Color Boot Camps, I bet you can figure out the background!
I love painting animals who are gone--it brings them back to me and I can touch them yet again as the paint comes off my brushes. I think I have painted most every dog that has been a part of my life, and some still are here on the wall or in the rack.
I did an earlier portrait of her before the color system, and I share it with you as well in the sidebar. Same size, different color scheme. Which do YOU prefer? Email me...
Workshop information is HERE.
Please forward this on to your friends, and thank you! 
I had a wonderful dinner this evening, with much of the vegetables coming from the garden: three lettuces (romaine, red oak and , beets, Swiss chard, carrots (cooked in mango sauce!) and avocados. That, plus the cod made for a fine meal. 
And there's one ewe that is SO ready to pop. Huge as a house, I watched her graze today with one of the lambs kicking her side. What a wonderful spring!
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