Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mar 31 - Two for One! Horses in Acrylics

Ideas for Subjects?
I'm more than happy to take requests for subjects for paintings--it allows me to focus and perhaps to paint something I've not done before.
Other News
I think I mentioned that there was one more ewe ready to give birth? This morning I went out to see my flock is now up to NINE. This beautifully colored lamb was the big news--definitely a "coat of many colors" art lamb! I'd call this one Joseph, but he is not a he! So Josephina has joined the flock with her less colorful sister (hiding behind mom). That's three ewes = six lambs--four girls and two boys. Spring has been fun at Two Trees!
I've been spending time in the pen and pasture just watching the lambs play, and taking images for future paintings.
March 31 - Two Horses in Acrylics, Done in Stages
Two Paintings, Different Background.  I was sitting at the gallery for PAAR a few days ago, and with my acrylices wiled away the hours with these two paintings. The blue-green background is a 9 x 12, and the red-orange one is 12 x 16.
I started both of these from the same source material, a mare and foal in late morning light. With both of them, I drew with a wet brush into the not-dry underpainting.  The "cool" one is done with ultramarine blue and sap green, creating a neutral ground. The other one is cadmium red light, cadmium orange and yellow ochre, for a warm tone, but not as hot if I'd not used the ochre.
These two will be developed in the days to come, side by side, in stages. I hope you enjoy seeing them go to the finished stage!
The source material is nice, but nothing remarkable.
Workshop information is HERE.
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