Sunday, April 03, 2011

Apr 3 - Two Paintings Continue -and Diverge

Source Material for these paintings

Other News...
I enjoyed family time this weekend with my Navy niece coming up to visit and bringing her friend from base. We cleaned the sheep pens, planted more of the big garden, played Playstation and generally had a great time. I hope they'll return and bring more Navy personnel looking for an experience of "working on the farm".
Today I knuckle down and do taxes, like most of you meeting the US deadline of April 15.
Thanks for all the emails--I hadn't heard from some of you for a year or more, and it is joyful to catch up with what you're up to!
April 3 - Two Horses in Acrylics, Third Stage
Third Pass, the backgrounds are really affecting the development.  AS the canvases hide more and more of the underpainting, the color choices I make for these areas are influenced by that underpainting color! Look at the grasses and how the cool notes are more prevalent in the upper one (the one with the orange background) and how I stayed more withint the warm family for the blue background one. And the color choices on the horses reveal how influenced an artist can be by what's already on the canvas.  A good lesson for both myself and my readers!
From this point forward, I believe each of you will have a preference for one or the other of these paintings. Think about that and let me know, and when the paintings are finished, I'll share your comments in the post following their finish..
The source material is still to the left.
Workshop information is HERE.
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