Monday, March 07, 2011

Mar 7 - Calico Dobermans and a LOT of Things!

"Calicobermans" won an award at the Art Show at the Dog Show where it is currently on exhibit, so I'm pleased that the final image came out so well. At this stage, I'm starting to paint the dogs with acrylics as I continue to add fabric to the background. Check out the lower left corner from the last posting. See how I painted over the calico fabric to get the same color as on the right corner? That's also how I develop these unique pieces. They do not rely on the fabric alone!

Where does the time go? Guess I've been under the radar for about a month, and so I'm glad to be back! Lots of paintings to share with you, and I'll pile them up in the blog and have them come out automatically so there won't be another gap like this one. I apologize for the space between postings. However, sometimes artists thrive on "down time" to process and work behind the scenes. I have paintings to share from the Plein Air Artists of Riverside's week long competition and a portrait of a pug dog that has come to live with me. 

And THIS WEEKEND is the Color Boot Camp Workshop here!  I do have a few spaces left for last-minute deciders to improve your color sense!

On other news, the brown and black ewe in the photo to the right gave birth a few days ago and presented me with twins--unusual for a first freshener. She's a Barbado/Dorper cross, and a good mother. The photo is one I took a few days ago when I was out with the flock. That's Willow's shadow at my feet--Sparky was digging and out of the picture. I love my life!

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Corrie Scott said...

love the work. Also love that you have half a Barbados black belly sheep all the way over there.