Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb 15 - Laying in the Fabric Swatches on "Calicobermans"

It's a lot like doing a jig-saw puzzle. Cutting the pieces to fit, picking the right value and interesting patterns to make the shapes come alive.  I had such fun picking what will eventually be the distant background, too.

Do you see where I'm resolving the placement of the dog paws down front and center? That's the way I work, without confining decisions if I'm not sure. I like working with future puzzles to solve as the art evolves.  Of course, sometimes the puzzles win, and there's a problem to be solved later down the road. If the puzzle wins on those paws, it'll be too late, as the piece has already been accepted to the Art Show at the Dog Show and needs to be shipped this week.  So I'm boxing and filling out forms--part of the duties of an exhibiting artist.

On other news, I thought you'd enjoy seeing the picture I took last Saturday morning from the TOP of the mountain behind my studio (marked with the yellow circle). Making a new trail to the top of the mountain is part of the joy of hiking--and this one will be a good one for horses and people, connecting up to an established trail accessible from the other side of the mountain. I love making trails, and the weather was gorgeous. Today a rain front has moved in, taking the temps down to 60 and there's a misty rain falling as I look out my studio window. However, hiking in the rain is good, too!

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Anonymous said...

tres interessant, merci

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Love the photo and love that you marked where your place is. What a wonderful hike!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this nice post 111213

Martha Kisling said...

I love your technique of adding fabric to your work.