Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mar 10 - On Location Again and a Nice Ride

With the PAAR group, I went to the Rancho Jurupa Park on the Santa Ana River for a day of painting. I did two, one in the morning which is on display at the show, and this one late in the afternoon when the sun finally started to dip below the distant hills.  The photograph of this little 5 x 7 oil just doesn't do it justice, as the colors are far more yummy than what you see here. Funny how that happens! 

I love painting on location, and was planning on doing more of it today, but the yardwork got in the way. I've been outside pulling weeds on a steep slope and dumping the results in the sheep feeder. They love them!

Yesterday I took Raindance out to ride in the oh-so-green mountains around the place, and took this photograph from the top of the first ridge away from the studio. Looking out over the open space to the southwest, it is impossible to imagine that my studio is located in "crowded" Southern California. But if all one sees is the media from cable TV and downtown Los Angeles, then one would never know that gorgeous places are here. That's the University of California Riverside in the distance.

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Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Lovely painting and just love seeing Raindance! I'll be back home in a few weeks to see my horses and can't wait!!