Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mar 12 - Damage and Replacement

You might remember this painting from my web site, "A Pitcher for Bats", featured on one of Hasbro's jigsaw puzzles some time ago. Well, as sometimes happens, paintings get damaged. This one fell over and had a nice puncture put in the canvas, which if you look over Bats' right ear, you'll see. I can repair it, but see no reason to do so. It's time has passed, and with all the new thinking I'm having, creating a BETTER painting seems like the way to go.

So I started another new canvas, and will be showing the progress of this one in the next few days as I am teaching my workshop. These students are very fortunate in that it is a small workshop, and so they get the full benefit of individualized instruction. We still have the great lunches and snacks, and eat out on the front patio.

Here's the first stages on this 24 x 30 inch canvas, toned in Australian Red Gold, thinned down. Unlike the upper painting, I'm using the Color System to create another painting. I'm making some changes in the design as well, most easily visible by the round table instead of the rectangle of the original painting. I'm dropping the magazine under Bats as well.

The original painting is 40 x 36 inches, and was painted well before I ever collided with the Color System. I can see how I have grown as an artist as this one unfolds. I hope you'll enjoy it, too!

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Angela said...

Elin, Hi I am so excited about the color boot camp coming up in Georgia. I have been doing a painting a day for almost 3 years but I am going nowhere. I am a little blah! about my art as it is going nowhere. It lacks pizazz and life. I have sold a few but overall am not pleased at all. I am looking forwart to learning a lot. From the very first I have admired your paintings and have already learned from you. Thanks for all your post which help artist like me who have been unable to persue art school and just gleen the bits of knowledge scattered out to us from accomplished artist like yourself. A big huge sincere Thanks.