Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mar 8 - Calicobermans Finished

Finished and now on display in Kansas City at the Art Show at the Dog Show! 24 x 24 box canvas, "Calicobermans" won third place in the Other Media category.

As artists we have a supreme obligation to interpret our world around us, and we do so by taking our realities and putting them through our sensitivities and training to emerge in our art forms--whatever those take. As I have said often, it isn't about the end product (nice to have something that works, though!), it is about the PROCESS of creating that is of value for me. I hope it is for you, too.

Art is part of my life--a big part--and sometimes, like a wave, life comes and takes me under for a while. However, I've always been like a cork, rising to the top even in the greatest deluge. I credit optimism, a greater world view, and close friends for my buoyancy. Thanks to you! And Good Things continue to happen--I've been asked to judge the Del Mar Fair's Plein Air event this coming June. I love to do that--going to the fair is always fun, and it's a full day of watching my peers paint, enjoying the funnel cakes and even going on a ride or two!

Here's the new mom ewe with her two lambs--the white one is a girl, the brown and white one is the boy. Although smaller, he's up and nursing well now. And yes, all my sheep wear bells--the beauty of the sound lifts my soul as they graze. Mrs. Redhen watches with interest.

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