Sunday, August 01, 2010

Aug 1 - Working on the Glass

I'm working on the etched glass yet again, and this piece will be rubbed out--so the image will be softly seen. I'm having so much fun doing this in collaboration with Ron Wood. He's here today, literally rubbing out all those brush marks!

I'm OK with it, because it is his vision, and I'm benefiting from learning the vagaries of how etched glass behaves as the layers are assembled, as well as how much etching is required to produce the final image coloration. The next image is of the two pieces of glass with the light shining through them as they sit in the studio window. No way does a photo give up what happens to the viewer's eye, as the camera cannot have the binocular vision of humans. That's where the true visual excitement comes!

On other news, there really isn't any! How about that? Just been so busy with the DVD and this glass project that nothing much exciting has been going on. This can be very good, too!

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