Friday, August 06, 2010

Aug 6 - The Wolves Amost Done

How about this for a progressing painting? It is the acrylic, and I'm about 4/5 done with it, all caught on tape for the DVD! I'm quite pleased with it so far--the "feel" of the overcast twilight look of it, and the definitive wolfish features in the wolves. I showed how I use what I call "The Foot" tool to pull and push the paint to create the shrubbery and how adding veiled layers creates the feel of the snow. I'll finish it tomorrow, and then will spend every spare moment capturing the files off the tapes and onto master "dot mov" files for DVD Studio Pro to assemble. Three hour-long tapes on this project, so I'll have to do major surgery to get the "good stuff" out onto the hard drives. It is a love-hate relationship--takes so much time, but oh, so rewarding!

The painting at this stage is a lot of fun--making every area more interesting than the last, and yet subordinating each area as necessary to keep from the yet-to-come sunlit patch on the snow and white wolf. Oh, the drama!

The glass project sample has gone off for the lamination and the next round on the best glass will commence probably this next week. But first a visit from my niece who is going into the Navy this fall, and I'm so proud of her. We'll spend some quality time together and perhaps get down to tour the Midway aircraft carrier while she's here. (Link opens a new window.)

And my three online art appreciation courses open up on Monday, so I am going to be one busy puppy! All courses are full with ten people signed on wait lists, so it promises to be a busy semester.

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