Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Aug 3 - More Glass Work and the DVD cover

Again, more changes, but NOW, it is finished--at least this sample!
Hard to believe how many times the painting has been put on and then removed. FINALLY, today I "got it"--the effect of water--the essence of water--the interpretation of Ron Wood's vision. And it is so much better than the others I've shared with you.

This panel is only part of the eight foot tall ones that hopefully will be approved and moving forward in the months to come.

Trust me though, this won't take me far from my love of painting--in fact, it may just start another way of creative expression, on mirrors that have been laser etched!

I love the conversation and laughter that this collaboration engenders. When we part, there is always a smile and joyful hug. RW is "good people".

Tomorrow, back to the wolves painting! I did submit my ad to the fall Horses in Art, and here's a preview showing the new cover for the DVD, even tho' number four isn't REALLY here...(yet!):
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