Sunday, August 01, 2010

Aug 1 - Addendum with Images

Got so excited about the work in progress around Two Trees, that I forgot to enclose the image on the last blog post! Here's the glass, and I realize that it doesn't seem at all related to the Color System, but the concept of painting on etched glass is so new, that every mark is a discovery. We continue to add layers (I do) and remove them carefully (RW does) as the work progresses. What's left is an interesting ever-so-subtle painting that is viewed through the veils of the front etched fabric.

To give you a better idea of etched glass, please look at this project of RW's, on his web site. The glass here also moves and shifts as the viewer focuses on different parts.

Here's RW looking at one of the panels I've just covered with another layer of acrylics. He's analyzing it before getting out the cotton swabs and removing about 80 percent of it. Whew...good thing I don't have an ego about this venture, eh?

And one more of the finished sample panels, outside, lit from the front and backed by what might be a "night" (black plastic trash can, oh dear!). The fabric-etched veil without paint in front of "our" painting is visible now, which is part of the magic. The client wants to get the feeling of a scarf moving in front of her bath windows (shower and so forth), so with the dual laminated painting between the two etched veils, it really shows up!

I hope you enjoy this--what a digression from my traditional, opaque media! Now we resume your regular programming tomorrow with the DVD painting!

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