Friday, August 28, 2009

Aug 28 - My Dad, Almost Finished

It is about 90 percent finished at this stage; now I'm working on the likeness. I don't have it yet, and have to work on face and arms more. Just like my relationship with my father, I find myself striving harder than I normally would to depict the essence of who he was, on a level I know he would expect. That's the tough part. Rising to the level of expectation.
Another day's work, perhaps.

The summer dry heat's on out here now. Over 108 today and record 110 degrees tomorrow. I stay deep in the studio where it is cool during the day, and make sure all the critters that are outside have plenty of clean, fresh water. It was too hot for the goldfish in one water tub--they just got too much sun. I moved it to the shade and populated it back up with mosquito fish.
Last night I slept outside in the trees in my Hennessy Hammock, with only a sheet. It never cooled down enough to need more. There was a nice light breeze though. The hammock is the same one I used while in Florida, out in the pasture--great sleeping, anywhere!

Making compost, having hay delivered and stacked, working with the horses--the days are full. I'm also busy responding to the many kind emails from people who have found hope in my posting my husband's success with his protocols for cancer. I'm honored to have made a small difference in peoples' lives, whom I've never had the pleasure of meeting. What astonishes me most is that this information isn't available to everyone, and so few people know about Dr. Budwig's research, and how supplements and diet completely affect our health.

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Faye Taylor said...

Elin, this is really nice. I watched it from the beginning. You have helped me learn to paint with freedom. The more I paint, the faster I learn to make decisions. Can't say I have the color system down. Your videos have so much information it's difficult to absorb it all, but I'm trying.