Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aug 27 -Begin Details of my Dad's Portrait - and the Response to Healing Cancer

Now that the basic values and hues are in place, it is time to cover the canvas and start to pull in some of the details. The long, narrow canvas was intentional, as I wanted to show his long life symbolically, and his position on the far right, looking across that space, is a reminder of the life well lived, and retrospectively enjoyed. When the source material was taken for this image, he had not been diagnosed yet with melanoma, but he had undergone many surgeries to remove skin cancers. His mouth and nose are a bit deformed, and I'm working how I'm going to convey his "selfness" without detailing out too much of that. It will come.

I've been overwhelmed with kind responses to my posting the protocols and my husband's success with it. Yes, it was hard to go raw (but salads are raw, Elin!). I have been able to make some really good recipes and, like anything, it is a conditioned response--what we're used to. And what is it worth? That steak and fries, or preventing/healing cancer? No-brainer for me. The biggest difference is how one feels using the flax oil/cottage cheese mixture. I had this kind response to yesterday's email from one person who is fighting her second bout with cancer:

I gave my body a kick start last night. When I got home I put about a cup of CC and mixed it with some of my super reds powder (high anti-oxidant and good for flavor too) and emptied 6 capsules of flax seed oil and stirred it until it was thoroughly incorporated. This is all until I can buy that flax seed oil today after work and a smoothie machine/stirrer or whatever it is you use to make 'em. Anyway I ate that and you know what, those mild puffy feeling sort of cramps I had yesterday are gone. I feel completely normal like before all this ever happened to me. That never happened before or that quickly. I have been using the herbs like Esiak which is supposed to be the gold standard for cancer, but it never made me feel this good so fast. Can't wait to get the book. I saw they already shipped it yesterday.

(She ordered Bill's book, Cancer Free.) When I can know that my knowledge helps people make choices, like hers, I am rewarded beyond belief and feel the overwhelming response that my time here on Earth has meaning. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your lives.

I'm opening up the workshops for fall for registration. Just a few more tweaks on the pages. There will be two--one in October, and if you can't get in that one, there will be a SECOND Color Boot Camp in November. No snow here, and I already have a list of emails to send out to let people know the workshops are open. If you'd like to be sent that email, just let me know.

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