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Aug 26 - Dad's Portrait, Laying in the Big Lights, Cancer cure protocols

Now that the largest dark shapes are in, it is time to lay in some of the biggest light shapes to define form and set the light values. It's fun to work on this.... note how I'm NOT painting his face yet? Many artists would work on that area first, and the rest would be left to chance. I like to work this way to build up the excitement in the design.

He's portrayed as so relaxed here, enjoying his family, with the "sun over the yardarm".

First, yesterday's link to Dr. Budwig's information had a typo in it. Here's the correct link:

Now, the protocols that my husband follows to keep his cancer healed and at bay. First, understand that cancer is an opportunistic disease, defined by the "traditional medical establishment" as cancer OF SOMETHING. Cancer is cancer, and thrives where the immune system can't compete with it. It settles where it can opportunistically grow. We all have cancer cells in us, but most of us have an immune system that is (marginally) strong enough to keep those cancer cells from growing out of control. Radical idea? Not really. It just isn't what your doctor is going to tell you, because they are trained to treat the symptoms of specific cancers, not the causes.

Our diet and stressful lifestyles set the stage for cancer to "get" us. And as we age, our immune system weakens (unless we take care of ourselves). So cancer incidence is higher in older people, right? And with our lousy diets, it's showing up in younger people now. The statistics are alarming. Those with poor immune systems also have a raging incidence of cancers. There IS a connection.

Here's the protocols to set the stage in your life so that no cancer can thrive and get a toe-hold in your body. Or, if you have cancer, you can heal it and keep it at bay.
1. Completely raw foods, a totally vegan diet. No dairy, no processed foods, no gluten, NO SUGAR in any form, no canned goods, no meat. (Cancer loves sugar--in fact, doctors put a sugary substance in you--called the PET scan--to see where the cancer is--the sugar concentrations are highest where the cancer is!).
This protocol is where most people compromise themselves. UPside: My husband lost every excess pound he'd been carrying. Until I got used to his "right" weight, he looked thin. I was used to a fatter hubby. Now he tips the scale at 150-152, and he's 5'9. (And 69 years old.)
2. Flax seed oil (Omega 3s) and cottage cheese, 1/3 c. to 2/3 cup daily, blended with fruit for a smoothie every day. This is the core of Dr. Budwig's work. You can research it. SEVEN Nobel prize nominations (guess which industries kept her from receiving any of them!) Even in three days the external and internal well-being changes are awesome.
3. Vitamin D in the form of 15 minutes of sunshine. The body NEEDS this when it is healthy enough to USE it. #2 above makes the body receptive to its own creation of Vitamin D3.
4. Supplements to turn the body alkaline. Cancer thrives in an acid body. Meat, processed foods and sugar shoot the body over to acidic. There are saliva and urine test strips to see how acidic you are. If you're eating the protein and processed western diet, you're acidic, period. Barley grass pills help to push the body to an alkaline state, although the complete vegan diet does it, too.
5. Vitamin C/L-Lysine/L-Proline supplements. Linus Pauling knew what he was doing in his research. Keeps cancer from metastasizing in many studies.
6. Exercise and reduction of stress. My husband does aikido seven days a week (noncombative martial art), and has taken major steps to reduce the amount of stress he has in his work life.

These are all spelled out in Bill Henderson's book, and with a LOT more information than this summary. But I hope it gives you an idea of what you can do to fight/prevent cancer--at a total cost of around $200 per month, instead of.... well, don't get me started on insurance issues with pre-existing conditions.

Thanks for reading this far. Please, if you have questions about the protocols, go to the links I shared yesterday. My in box is full with emails I would like to answer.

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