Monday, October 09, 2006

October 9 - Evening Sunset

I had an email from an acquaintance who was born in Switzerland, and her conversations brought back many memories of the years I spent there skiing and being on the National Ski Patrol's International Division. A long time ago, but the memories are strong. Today's painting isn't about Switzerland (ideas have to percolate for a while) but it is yesterday's sunset which was spectacular! It's really tough for a camera to capture the light and color of such a scene, so we have to train our eyes to remember what we saw--no easy feat, yet when we have some help in color knowledge, the exercise can be far easier. This 5 x 7 oil is completely from the memory of the evening sky, and does, in a small way, convey the power and light of those last moments.
 Things in our life fade away, as my experiences in Europe, but the memory can be as colorful and gentle as this image! $100 from the October 2006 month (my goodness, only three more days until the daily paintings anniversary!
SOLD to collector Charlotte McDavid of Birmingham, Alabama.

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