Tuesday, October 10, 2006

October 10 - Ambrosia Trio (Apples)

I've painted your daily painting, a nice oil of these three Ambrosia apples, yet I can't send it out tonight because our Internet service is down. How frustrating! So I'll tell you about it, and put this email on notice to go out the minute I get to a wifi location in the morning (my first priority!). 

This is a 9 x 12 oil, painted from life, and I really enjoyed how the colors of the right-most apple changed from red to green as the form comes toward you. On the others, the delight was in placing the "glinks" or lightest points. They are sitting on a brocade cloth, which I merely suggested, since painting too much of it would have detracted from the areas of interest in the apples. I haven't munched any of them yet, as there might be some "tweaking" on the morrow. The background is a mix of burnt umber and yellow ochre, two cools to recede and lay back.
Available for $120 from the October Paintings Page .

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