Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 12 - ONE YEAR of Paintings completed!

"Cousin Pru" How fun and fitting to create another image in the "family" of the Butterflies Lady on this, the one-year anniversary of my daily paintings! Connected as she is to the other painting (September 14), she seems related to her, right down to the yarn, glitter and netting on her hat! Her Mona Lisa smile shows us she's at peace in her world. During this past year (all viewable on the daily paintings web site) I endured two of the major life-issues that can cause the majority of stress:  Losing a parent, and moving. Painting my mother during her last days has profoundly changed me. Moving has made it possible to do the dailies with a much larger studio space. There has also been travel where I've been stuck in airports, teaching workshops, and doing plein air paintings.  All part of an artist's life, yet not so different from yours. I thank you again for "sticking the course" and enjoying the writing and sharing in the creative energy. 

Let's go for another year, OK?
Such fun to explore the creativity of acrylics this way. Pru is a 12 x 9 acrylic collage and is available for $100
Sale Pending

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