Sunday, October 08, 2006

October 8 - Canyon Sunset - Water Miscible Oils

"Canyon Sunset" I have the pleasure of a visit from David R. Becker, a friend and wonderful watercolorist, who is out in California teaching at the Art Methods and Materials show in Burbank. He brought me some water miscible oils from Holbein to try, and this 8 x 10 inch oil is the result. I tried to use the Color System, and chose a subject without greens intentionally to capture this arid landscape. Although the oils are buttery, they still have the characteristic drag of the water-based oils. I'll stick to my Classic Artist Oils. Sure was fun to visit with David, and we enjoyed dinner, and is our first house guest to stay over.
This painting is available for $175 from the Daily Paintings web site for this date.

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