Wednesday, October 11, 2006

October 11 - Evening Movements (Horses)

Today I received an email from one of the people on this mailing list. That's not uncommon--I answer as many as ten per day from folks with questions or comments. What was unusual about this email was that the person writing to me made a connection to why I'm doing this. She wrote, "Can hardly wait to get my e/mail each day.  I have learned a tremendous amount from them and your comments.  Like you, I live and breathe art and at 80 and unable to get out and around, I still study and learn." Those words made me sit back and realize how fortunate I am, how much responsibility I have to you all in doing these paintings. On the eve of this anniversary, I need to thank each and every one of you for allowing me to bring you my images, and hope you'll continue to enjoy them and share them with others. You may comment that they enrich your lives--I hope you realize how much you enrich mine!

In sharing how fortunate I am, today I took the two goats out for a "bramble ramble" and had quite a time. Heather-not-the-Momma took off down the driveway sideways jumping for joy, thinking she'd broken the bonds of confinement and would lead me on a merry chase. Fortunately the new gate stopped her. Good ol' Vincent van Goat stayed right by my side, at least until he saw the oak tree. A half-hour later, they were full of sycamore leaves and ash branchlings, and happily headed back to the pen for treats. I need to get Vincent out on the trail for a serious hike. He carries my on-location gear, and the hills behind the new place are calling.

Today's painting is an acrylic, a 12 x 16, and comes from material gathered in Kentucky, modified by me, and shows the Color System at work to convey evening light with a subtle back lighting on the horses. It's a real trick to get the sky to read right without showing up with garish colors. I think I nailed it this time. $300 from the Daily Paintings Page for this date.

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