Saturday, September 09, 2006

September 9 - TSA Man

"TSA" I found myself with about two hours wait until my flight to Dallas/Fort Worth sitting in the Ontario airport this morning. I took out my watercolors and did this portrait of the many security people evident around the area now. He was restless, and moved a lot, but seemed to have that almost blank stare so often seen in folks with his job description. It was tough to catch his pose, but I did get his "look", which doesn't require too many details.
  I had several people come by and look over my shoulder, and one very nice artist chat with me for a while about methods and materials while creating this. Now there's an amazing way to meet people--better than a dog on a leash!
My watercolor setup is a white plastic Jilur palette from Japan, set up with the 12 colors of my color system. This palette is one my mom had, and it was strange and yet comforting to find myself cleaning out her colors to replace them with ones I use. I've not painted much with watercolor, but actually like the end result. It is a whole lot easier to translate the color system to a new medium--like having a familiar friend!  The palette folds into a 1/2" deep 3.5" by 8", and here's a photo of it (left)
This 6 x 6 unique watercolor painting is available for $100 from my website for this date.

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