Monday, September 04, 2006

September 4 - Red Onions Evolving

"Evolving" Remember that red onion from a few days ago? Here it is again, this time in oils as a 5 x 7. Interesting how the two media behave under the same hand, each with its own charm and utility. I call this one "Evolving" because as I peel off a layer of that papery skin, I see new nuances of color and translucency. Onions are not easy to paint--they have a depth and sheen that isn't a snap to capture. In this painting I want your eyes to caress the surface, so nothing is so important to keep your eye from moving. 

The repetitive curves in the design keep your eye looping around, and yet there is a strong triangle of the three shapes to keep you within the canvas plane. But heck, I was going to paint a cat. Oh well, maybe tomorrow! Original oil, 5x7

SOLD to the collection of Sue Estrada of Hemet, California.

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