Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September 5 - Cat/Kitten

How Now, Meow?" Yup, it's a cat. Well, adolescent kitten, really. Got a look there--into your soul, or are you prey, or can we play, or will you FeeeeeeEEEEddd me? Miao!
Who knows? Cats are inscrutable. This is an acrylic, 7 x 5 inches, and is kind of  a combination of several cats that have come through our life. OH, I know!  She's a Mona Lisa Cat!
Ha! For lesson purposes, this is a classic analogous color scheme, blue/orange with a discord of those yellow-green eyes. Remember that brown is nothing more than a grayed orange, reduced in value. So where you see brown, think orange! Available for $100 from the web site.

Now I think I'll have that evening glass of wine! I hope you enjoy her, or a young "him". Meranwhile, I'm packing. Sent the last box today, and now can figure out what I left out that I'm going to have to take on the plane.
SOLD to the collection of Cynthia Jaeger of Quail Valley, California.

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