Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 10 - Black and White Values

I'm here in Lexington and preparing for the week-long workshop in Acrylics "Every Which Way AND Loose" which begins tomorrow, Monday.
There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes of instruction, and I'll share with you some of that these next two weeks, with the resultant paintings. Today's painting is a 6 x 6 black and white value study of the onion I did in acrylics earlier this year. (The colorful image of this is to be found on the June paintings page.) I'm painting this black and white to show the students how incredibly important it is to get the values right, that color can very well be secondary to value and one can still have a strong painting. How can a student even begin to work with issues of designing good paintings without a good understanding of the relationship of values? Many artists want color to work for them and forget that every color has a value that needs to be dealt with as well. This exercise also will give students a bit of adjustment time on the first day of the workshop, and allow me to assess their abilities with paint before we "jump off" on Tuesday with experimentation. I'll also show them traditional handling of acrylics tomorrow, which will be most familiar to them. 
  They will also be exposed to designing the abstract structure of their paintings, too.  Busy day ahead!

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