Sunday, September 03, 2006

September 3 - Fox Hound

"A Heart for the Hunt" You probably know that sometimes I go into the studio and have no idea what I'm going to paint.  This is good, because then I am never frustrated or dismayed if I'm taken from a preset goal.  Today was the poster child for that method.  I received an email from a friend and artist with a camera, with some distressing news of a life event that is a real challenge for her.  Her words moved me, and I paint this tonight in her honor.  

Vickee has been the official photographer for Red Rock Hounds, over there in Reno, Nevada, and had graciously shared some of her photographs with me for use in my painting process a couple years ago.  An enjoyable communication was begun, and we've kept in touch over the years with paintings and photographs passing one another in the mail.  I've been brought up short by her news and wanted to somehow express my concern--so I paint.  The source material for this 8 x 6 gallery wrap oil is one of her photographs.  I've wanted to paint it, but before, it just never felt quite "right".  Now, it is.

It is not for sale, because I want to give Vickee the first opportunity to take it, and until she makes her decision, I'll hold it.

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