Saturday, September 30, 2006

September 30 - Breezy Clouds

"Moving Clouds on a Breezy Day" Oh darn. I was supposed to paint on yesterday's painting, and well... we had company to the new house this evening, and all plans for painting in acrylics went out the window! So the result for today is this nice 6 x 8 cloud study. I like doing clouds, because it allows me to really "cut loose" with brushwork. Compare this one to the earlier one in acrylics to see a difference in both values and textures. My spirit soars as I look at it, and I want to paint more of them! 
 But I also need to put together the EASEL (yes it is finally moved!) and start painting on that larger acrylic lesson for you. $100 from the Daily Paintings web site for this date.

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