Tuesday, September 26, 2006

September 26 - Cloud Exercise in Acrylics

"Cloud Exercise" I was asked by one of the participants in the acrylic workshop (Lynda!) how do I do clouds, and would I demonstrate the methods for getting a feel for the ethereal, and this 12 x 9 inch canvas resulted. It was painted with the sky color first and the layers of light being added in a glazing fashion, with the lightest forms and edges added last. I think I used a 5/8 inch brush on the whole thing, which goes to show that those filberts can really dance when you need them to!
  Herculean two days of moving--I came home to a stressed out hubby and just tons of work to be done. My artist friend Nancy Cox and my sister-in-law came to the old house for a marathon packing afternoon.  Hmmm, I don't think I'll find anything for weeks! But the dining room table is in place, and we can sit down to a proper meal--which we did this evening. I've also spent a good portion of the day filling DVD orders that came in while I was gone. They are all going out in tomorrow's mail!
Coyotes are really howling tonight. All cats are inside and safe. $100 Available from the Daily Paintings web site for September 26.

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