Wednesday, September 27, 2006

September 27 - Tuxedo Happy Cat

Happy Cat" (Bats in the Studio) Oh my!  Even though I'm still not completely moved over (easel and taboret are still at the other place), I couldn't keep myself from doing this 6 x 4 oil tonight.  Here it is almost midnight and I'm just hopping with joy at being able to lift brushes in the new studio space!  Today we brought over the big Tibetan Mastiff, and that was a fun move, as she's never left the old property for a long period before.  Tentative, she explores the new space, finding her limits for protecting us, and yet we're not sure she'll adjust. Now she sleeps at my feet, accepting the locale. Bats-the-Studio-Cat gives me one of those inscrutable stares that cannot be fathomed, and I paint him, looking relaxed and with the pleasure of being the resident king cat. Having the creatures again in my life brings a full circle to a close. Time for bed, and tomorrow a new exciting day!
  Original oil, for sale for $100 from the Daily Paintings web site for this date.

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