Sunday, August 06, 2006

August 6 - Two Trees, Ventura

"Two Trees, Ventura" I love Ventura.  It has always been the precursor and gateway to the drive up to Ojai.  There is a landmark that has been famous since the 1700s when the Spaniards first sailed into the sheltering harbor.  On the top of one of the hills above the town is a place where two oak trees grow.  The Spaniards looked for them out on the ocean, because they knew the safe harbor was below. They are venerable and treasured landmarks.  I, too, always look for them above the city, as it is a comforting welcome, familiar, and a constant.  I've painted them today for you in a 12 x 12 acrylic box canvas (no frame needed), as a memory of those long ago drives from Ojai to Ventura College and every trip back to my home area.  Also, in an incredible coincidence, "Two Trees"  happens to be the name of the road where we will be living if we ever get through the paperwork!  $350 from me, if I decide to sell it.  My studio will be called "Two Trees Art Studio"... if we ever close escrow.

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