Monday, August 07, 2006

August 7 - Morning Sycamores

In packing up some paintings today, I came across this painting which is on my site here:

Now, this is not a new one, and I know I painted it with the five-colors-plus-white I had been using for almost three years before becoming frustrated and desirous of a new color system that would work in all lighting situations.  

  It is fun to revisit "old" work, as you grow as an artist.  The painting never really pleased me, because of the overwhelming greens in the scene.  However, had you asked me about it, I'd have whined, "But that's what I SEE!" and continue to dip into the green to capture the trees, grasses and what not.

  I know now that painting a green scene isn't about painting greens, but is about how NOT to paint too much of green to really get the green to play a leading role.  So I pulled out the oils, and set to work, with the end result being the painting below.  It makes me happy to know I have grown enough to recognize the need for change.

  Yes, they are the same paintings!  16 x 20 oil, $440.

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