Wednesday, August 09, 2006

August 9 - Green Revisited

Cleaning out the studio for the move brought this 12 x 16 oil to daylight. Not quite a frisbee,  I had so many good comments on the last "green machine" painting that I thought you'd enjoy the changes wrought to this one, too.  You can probably guess my creative energy is focused not on creating completely new work this week, but in moving an entire studio from Point A to Point B. A smaller canvas than the first "de-greened" one, this was a plein air painting done on location back in 2000.  

  You can see the original version here, well buried on the web site here.

My goodness, what six years can do to an artist!  I'm sure you'll enjoy the first one ("But it was so GREEN that day!", I'd have told you.) and now this one, where I've laid the color system over it to bring it to a much better painting.  I sure like the color on the new one!  What green???? Enjoy! Same price, $225  

 Reinforces for me the certainty that paintings will ALWAYS get better. 

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