Saturday, August 05, 2006

August 5 - Egret Regret

"Egret Regret" This is a nifty acrylic, and 7x5 is a good size to fit any wall, anywhere. I love the versatility of acrylics, and this little painting is no exception. I thought I'd be painting around the town of Ojai, but the loan papers from UPS have not arrived yet (and it is after 9 p.m.) so not only did I miss my 40th reunion waiting, but we still have to find a 24-hour notary to make the signature deadline for the loan. Ah well, is there any recourse? Only to enjoy painting, and being able to do things for oneself. Relying on corporate business is not my chosen thing.
Perhaps I'll get to paint tomorrow... This little one is still available for $100, or I'll give it to anyone who can collar the UPS people and drive bamboo slivers under their name tags.
SOLD to the collection of Gayle and David Youngs of Orange, California

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