Tuesday, August 08, 2006

August 8 - Misty Hunt

"Misty Hunt"  It is so much "fun" to pack. Truly an adventure of discovery! I'm finding in my archives some paintings not on the web site--some starts that I never finished, and some I think are candidates for frisbee championships! (That means they'll go some distance before hitting the dirt of the pasture!)  Today's painting is one I started as a demonstration painting in Kentucky a year or so ago, during a workshop. I was asked to depict mist using my color system.  It came back with me, unfinished, a 9 x 12, and never saw the light of day after that.  Today, as I was packing a box of 9 x 12s, it popped up and said, "I'm ready to be finished now."  

  So here he is, the mist and the hounds, two riders, and trees.  $375 unframed.

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