Sunday, June 22, 2014

Third Day out and finally Cooler!

I just had to leave the 90+ degree heat yesterday, so I headed west--across the great valley of California and to the coastal mountains. It was only a 270-mile day, but I was limp as a dishrag when I finally met the cool air coming over highway 36 to the coast.

Some express interest in how I do these paintings, so I thought I'd share this one "in process". I decided that since I was so wiped out yesterday, I would do this one in two stages, and not do a plein air one. (I was just going to stay in the campsite!).
This is another 6 x 8 oil, taken from the source material along Highway 49--the gold and blue of California. I like to cover the canvas with loosely thick oils, and then spend time tweaking the edges to make the finished image. This covering of the 6 x 8 canvas took only about 30 minutes.  I'll finish it today and share it with you tomorrow.

Today I head up the gorgeous Northern California coast, along the 101 highway between Eureka and Crescent City--the most northern city in the state. Then I turn inland and go into Oregon, to end up somewhere near Medford.

The motorcycle is performing perfectly, and and I captured some of the ride over Highway 36 on video. I'll share the link with you once it is uploaded.

Here's my campsite in Fortuna. It is even CHILLY this morning! But look at those redwoods....

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