Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day Seven - Lost a day in Bend, but the SKIES of Idaho!

I'm in Twin Falls, Idaho now. A really LONG nine-hour day on the motorcycle, and not much to talk about the flatness and austere beauty of western Oregon and the rolling prairie in Southern Idaho...but I can paint it! This is a 9 x 12 of the evening last night, caught as the sun was headed 'way off there into the evening. It stays light so LATE here, that I was putting the final brush strokes on at 9:45. I am really, really happy with this one. It's drying in the carrier today.

As you know, day six was spent in Bend, waiting for service on the Red Queen. Lots of time to write and think about directions on the real road and the imaginary idea road of my future.

I've decided that visiting my friends in Colorado has a high priority, so I am headed down through Utah to get closer to the time I'll be with them. I love western Colorado--where my dad was born, in tiny Hotchkiss, in 1906.

Here's the Red Queen amongst all the wide open space.

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Anonymous said...

I know the area well and you captured it beautifully! I love those long summer evenings in Idaho and Montana. I searched the web for you because I hoped you still sell your color system flash cards. I hope to order them when it's convenient for you. They look like something that will be of great use! Seeing this painting was a wonderful bonus. Can't wait to see what Colorado inspires you to do. (I love it there,too!) Thanks, Susan

Clare Bowen said...

Wonderful sky, I have just been painting an early evening sky/land view and your painting has given me inspiration, thank you!