Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day Two - Grass Valley and Painting

Made it to the Eastern Sierras and Grass Valley last night, and painted this 8 x 6 oil before finishing setting up camp. I really like this one because of the poles and wires indicating human involvement, but they are subtle, so I continue to enjoy the patterns of color and value. Called "Pine Evening", it is available for $125 just as soon as I sign it. (I can even mail it to you before I get home!) Paypal works, just let me know this one is the painting you are adding to your collection.

It was a gorgeous (but warm) ride over Highway 49 to get here, crossing several rivers and wandering through huge pine forests.  Today I continue into the high country before coming down to go north again.

Having everything with me in the trailer is a joy. No worries about what I am carrying--I even have my juicer, and juice up fruits and veggies for breakfast every morning.  Here's the camp site with Sparky waiting for the tent to go up. I think he likes it even more than I do!

I came through several towns that were on my list for possible places to relocate, but none of them really meets my needs.  Most in this area are just too dry for me, and with climate change, that isn't going to improve. Last summer's Rim fire in Yosemite in an indicator of that. 

However, this is a fun journey with a purpose and joyful in the paintings I'm creating. Although a solo trip, I feel you are all along with me as you read my posts. Thanks for that. Now off to get on the road again!

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