Monday, June 23, 2014

Day Four - Oregon and Rivers!

I finished the 6x8 oil of Two Cows this morning, and am posting it for your enjoyment. It really smacks of California rural to me, with the live oak leaves patterning the sky and shadows. ($225 via Paypal) It's now in the wet painting carrier in the motorcycle trailer. This way of traveling is awesome!

Yesterday brought me inland from the cool coast of California, traveling north on the 101 along and through redwood forests and coastal beauty. Then I turned inland on Highway 199 along the Smith River watershed.  Can you see the color in the water? Who knew--turquoise?
Gorgeous rocks and clear water here, and I will paint it! Experiencing it first-hand is how I get a connection to a subject, and this river is one that I'll revisit many times in the future.

I came to the Medford/Jacksonville area, and think this is perhaps the best place for consideration for me. Today I will do some wandering around the various connected cities, and then back up into the mountains for the trek north and east. 

I hope you're enjoying this journey as much as I am, and please share this with anyone who might be interested.


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