Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Feb 9 - The Mountains of Idyllwild and Lily Rock (Oil Painting)

In the studio, under the lights (sorry about the shadow on the sky!), I'm putting in the big fields of color to define and bring this painting further along.

Most of what's been added since yesterday has been done with the "Trifecta" trio of sky color--ultramarine, alizarin, yellow ochre and white to lighten the mixes.

My brushwork could be defined as erratic, loose, and non-repetitive. That's a good thing, because boring brush marks spell the end of excitement in painting.  Moving my brush outside the "norm" (writing style), creates these marks to catch the viewer's eye.

On other news, I've heard so many bad weather reports that I wanted to share with you what I was doing this afternoon--picking snow peas in my garden! And that blue sky is normal for this time of year in California--no clouds.  And I'm wearing a tee because it is almost 70 degrees. There are still spaces in that March Color Boot Camp if you want to get away from the wet and ice!

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