Monday, February 07, 2011

Feb 7 - Second of the Plein Air Vistas at UCR Botanic Gardens

Heading up the hill from the first location, I sat down on a bench in the herb garden and looked out over the turquoise roof lines of the UCR campus. I pulled out a second 7x5 panel, and started to work, with the light slightly from my left and playing across the mostly dormant herb beds. Lavender is in bloom now, and it was a heady scent coming on the warm air. 

With the company of two of the board members for the gardens in conversation, I worked on this one only for about thirty minutes.  It was fun putting in the red bricks of the walkways and the atmospheric distance between the pines.

Here's a photograph of the actual vista, and you can see how I changed the composition to please my senses. That "dead" tree is a Gordon apple, and there were wizened, dried fruit still on the top branches. Later this spring, it will be covered in blossoms, as my apricot trees are today in this 80 degree unusual weather!

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